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Energy Monitor



The handy Wetekom electricity meter can measure the power consumption and running cost of any mains 230 volt electrical appliance. This full function energy meter provides a great way to save power and money. The monitor can indicate an accurate energy consumption cost of any appliance you plug in to it. There are voltage and frequency readouts as well as wattage and kWh. A great feature is that the cost of electricity display can be made to take account of a differing day and night tariff.

Helps to save energy costs for only 9.99


Wetekom Energy Cost Meter          Wetekom energy cost meter dial


Time and day display with day and night price settings

Instantaneous current consumption in Amps

Power consumption in Watts

Total recorded energy consumption in kWh

Power factor in PF

Metered duration in hours and minutes
Voltage and frequency in Volts and Hertz
Battery data memory in case of power interruption

Total cost of electricity consumed


Operating voltage   230 volts ac 50Hz
Operating current   Maximum 16 amps
Lowest measurable current   0.02 amps
Voltage display ( V AC )   190 volts to 276 volts
Current display ( amps )   0.00 A - 16.00 A
Wattage display ( watts )   0 W - 3,680 W
kWh display ( kWh )   0.00 - 999.99 kWh
Frequency display ( Hz )   40 - 70 Hz
Power factor display ( PF )   0.20 - 1.00


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