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The ground breaking Intelli-Plug is a plug-in adaptor which senses when a master appliance is switched on and automatically energises associated peripheral equipment. It is recommended by the Energy Saving Trust and has received excellent reviews.

It can be used with a Hi-Fi amplifier and will automatically switch off your turntable, CD player, tape deck and tuner whenever the amplifier is switched off.

Computers are often used with modems, printers and sound systems. All these items will be using energy unless individually switched off. With the Intelliplug this happens automatically whenever the main PC is turned off.

The Intelliplug works by sensing the current drawn through the master socket and switches the two peripheral sockets on and off automatically. The peripheral sockets can be extended with any multi output block, which you probably have already.


Helps to save energy costs for only 14.99

Full range Auto Calibration - this unit will automatically determine the on and off power level of any desktop computer or hi-fi audio visual amplifier to automatically switch power to peripheral equipment only when in use.

Surge Protection feature

Lowest standby power of 0.4 of a watt saving an average 35 watts per hour depending on the number of connected peripherals. This product can pay for itself in less than a year of use

Reaction time 5 seconds

Enhanced calibration range

Maximum power 13 amps

Not suitable for laptop computers

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