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A77 Servicing Manual




Published by J M Technical Arts of Tennessee, USA and available from us at only 29.99 delivered in the UK. Full of down to earth practical hints and tips on servicing your beloved Revox A77.  Written in an easy to understand style you won't want to be without, this 80 page A4 size manual has circuits and clear diagrams. Full of in depth A77 information that does not appear anywhere else.


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How to use the manual

Models and types

Special versions


Clean and polish

Field service parts kit

Tools and equipment


Routine maintenance

Preparations for service

Specifications and Troubleshooting

Frequency response


Signal to noise ratio

Wow and flutter


Mechanical Maintenance and Repair

Tape path check and align

Brake system cleaning and adjustment

Pinch roller pressure and solenoid adjustment

Counter lubrication

Capstan motor servicing

Head replacement

Procedure and alignment

Audio Alignment

Reproduce level

VU meter

Reproduce bias trap

Record bias trap

Bias, EQ and record level

Streamlined audio alignment


Power supply

Tape drive control

Mother board

VU meter board

Input amplifier

Record amplifier


Record relay board

Reproduce amplifier

Capstan speed control


Track conversions

Playback hum shield

Professional line level matching




Basic remote control

External bias trap