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This fine Studer A810 is arguably one of the finest 1/4" machines ever made. The one pictured is now sold. It has 4 speeds, very recent heads and full timecode facilities. It has a full VU meter bridge in a penthouse over the machine which is in a very substantial trolley. I have fully overhauled it and it will have a 3 month warranty and printed test report.






We are dismantling some machines, so are in a position to offer a wide variety of inexpensive used spare parts.


This Studer B67 is a line input and output only machine with no metering. It is trolley mounted and on castors with two shelves for storage. Three speeds are provided, 15, 7.5 and 3.75 ips in two track IEC stereo format. The machine has superb broadcast performance and is suitable for a variety of uses including copying, editing and mastering.

Sorry, all complete B67's sold out at the moment.



This Studer A807 is a trolley mounted line input and output mastering recorder of exemplary performance and specification. The machine is trolley mounted on castors but could be table mounted if removed from the trolley. Speeds are 15, 7.5 and 3.75 ips stereo IEC two track format. All setting up controls are adjustable from the front panel using step controls with digital readout. This machine is a dream to align as not even a screwdriver is required!

Sorry, all A807's sold out at the moment.



We have a few Studer A80 1/4" recorder  spares.


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