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Tape Copying Service

Professional reel of tapeDomestic reel of tape   We are often asked about getting Grandad's old tapes transcribed onto CD, so that the family can once again listen to those recordings he made all those years ago. One way of doing this, is to do it yourself with a restored old tape recorder, but often a restored machine is too expensive, or parts may not be available to get the machine working again.Two reels of tape 

Wire recorder spool

  There is an alternative. We have an arrangement with a really experienced copying engineer, who is used to making high quality copies of customer's old tapes. Often these tapes are 40+ years old and need to be treated with great care to avoid damage. Unfortunately, we can't offer this service at 5.00 an hour! But we do think it offers a good value process, to hear again those great, sometimes historical, recordings that could be lying unplayed and gathering dust in your attic.   

Compact cassette   Old recordings could be on reel to reel tape, cassettes, or even an old Dictaphone tape. We can bring all these treasured recordings on outdated formats to life once again. We can copy onto CD or MP3, in very high quality, so that you can listen over and over again and relive the memories with your family. 

Contact us and tell us what you need and we will guide you through the straightforward method of getting the old tape to our engineer and starting the restoration process for you. You don't need any technical knowledge and we are sure you will be over the moon with the results and pleasantly surprised at the cost too.

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