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Lindos LA100 audio test set

Our workshop is able to repair and align your Revox or Studer tape recorder and we are completely at your service with a fast turnaround. Please call us if you have a requirement and we will do our best to help.

We can breathe new life into tired old Revox and Studer tape machines and can produce a complete performance print-out in our workshop using Lindos automated test equipment. With careful alignment we can usually improve on the manufacturer's specification.

Wittig Digital Oscilloscope

Our experience on professional recorders goes back some 35 years and we have all the best test equipment needed to do a really professional job.

Using a Tentelometer to set correct tape tension

It is always best if you can bring your recorder to us near Ipswich in Suffolk. Tell us you're coming first and we'll get the kettle on for you. If you don't fancy a day out in Constable Country, it is always possible to use a courier service who will collect from you, once you have securely packaged up your machine.

We make a small charge for a quotation, which is deductible from the final cost if you decide to go ahead with the work. If you are confident you can carry out basic head cleaning and demagnetizing yourself. If you really are an expert then you could make use of our tape head relapping service to bring your heads back to specification.



 Wetekom Energy Cost Meter

The handy Wetekom energy meter, monitors and measures the power consumption and running costs of connected electrical appliances. Helps to save energy costs at only 9.99.  More details of the Wetekom Energy Meter.



If you have a question about a Revox tape recorder try our technical helpline