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We have stocks of Revox spare parts, often supplying secondhand spares at competitive prices and are consequently well placed to offer sales, servicing and repairs of these popular reel to reel recorders. 

We dismantle old Revox machines to obtain some of the rarer spare parts which are no longer available from the Revox factory. Revox do, however, have a policy of spares availability for far longer than any other tape recorder manufacturer.

Revox A77 Internal Power Amplifier PCB's

We have motors, solenoids, exchange printed circuit boards, knobs, VU meters, transformers, relays, chassis parts, cabinet parts, mains leads and virtually any other part you can name. 

The big advantage of a Revox is that very few rubber components are used. This means machines can be kept operational for much longer than other makes that rely on rubber drive belts and idler wheels. The digit counter drive belts are readily available quite cheaply as are pinch rollers and tape guides.

If you have a spares requirement, please use our contact page and let us know what you need. We will quote you and check availability.

Tape heads are pretty expensive these days, but we are able to offer a Head Relapping Service which can often rescue a worn head successfully.

See our accessories page for a range of items to help you get the best from your tape recorder.

If you are in America please contact the US Revox agent, Jack Clark at J M Technical Arts


If you have a question about a Revox tape recorder try our technical helpline