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Here's some useful information on restoring old sticky tapes by Eddie Ciletti. The problem of sticky tapes such as Ampex from 20 years ago is very common and causes many machines to get so gummed up that they eventually grind to a halt. The cure for the tape is detailed by Eddie, but the machine must be thoroughly cleaned as well to prevent the problem recurring.

We are building up quite a collection of old tape recorders ourselves. Some of these are still boxed as new although many years old.

If you take audio equipment seriously, you might like to visit our associate site Eastern Electronics, which specialises in broadcast and professional sound equipment. If you simply must have a mp3 recorder, or you need a decent microphone, this is the place to go.

One of the best reel to reel enthusiast sites is Get Reel in Australia.

If you're a Ferrograph fanatic you must visit Terry Martini's fascinating site.

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If you are in America please contact the US Revox agent, Jack Clark at J M Technical Arts

Brenell enthusiasts should see Barry Jones's site.

Some recorders you may never have heard of at Vintage Recorders

If you need servicing done on a non-Revox tape recorder or hi-fi try Geoff Kremer at Servicesound

British Sound Recording Association formerly Federation of British Tape Recordists

This guy is a real valve enthusiast. See his Valves Unlimited website.

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We also have some Uher spares and Studer spares for sale.

If you are an Alternative Technology enthusiast, you might check our own geeky site and the Home Alternative Technology Blog
A great company if you need private mobile radio is Cambridge Mobile Communications Ltd